Carding Cloth – 9 1/2″ Wide


Cloth can be purchased in 1 ft increments up to 10 ft. To purchase any length greater than 10 ft. contact us directly for pricing and delivery: 207-351-8011 |



Howard Brush offers a full range of superior quality continuous carding to suit all of your fiber arts needs. We use a hardened and highly tempered steel wire that is remarkable for its longevity and uniformity and plated for its rust and corrosion resistance. There are five standard densities of card clothing available; 54, 72, 90, 120, and 190 TPI. TPI stands for “teeth per (square) inch. 54 TPI is the least dense, most open cloth, and 190 TPI the most dense, least open cloth. We offer these in our standard, 9.5 inch width (8.5 inches wide on wire face) and it can be purchased by the continuous linear foot. We also offer our carding cloth in 12 inch and 2 inch widths as well! Want a wider cloth? We can manufacture your special order up to 40 inches wide!