Jump for joy… It’s true!

Hello wonderful people of the fiber world and thank you for joining us in our new home! We’re very excited to finally have a beautiful new website to showcase all of our product and service offerings!

The last 4 years have been very exciting for us at Howard Brush; full of change, growth, and amazing new opportunity.

To begin with, we relocated our entire facility from Rhode Island to the charming coastal and historic town of York, Maine. This was a huge undertaking as we had to manage the logistics of moving all of our very intricate, irreplaceable, original machinery out of an old, hard to access mill building. All this during the peak of winter, none the less.

With the help of a precise and patient rigging team, our machines successfully made their trip north to their new home. The majority of our machinery pre-dates the 1900’s, with our oldest machine still used for manufacturing built in 1835!

With the transition from Rhode Island to Maine nearly complete, it was time to begin our next great adventure; expanding our production capabilities to be able to not only offer a greater array of products, but also to increase productivity as well. So we set off and scoured the world to source machinery that we could add to our quiver. It wasn’t easy. These tools simply do not exist! Our efforts were fruitful, however, and after finding some “bones” to work with, we next teamed up with master engineers to repair and custom alter what we were fortunate enough to scavenge.

But we didn’t just make exciting additions to our factory floor, we also rehabbed our woodshop! Offering quicker turn around, stronger construction, greater custom order variety, all while using locally sourced hardwoods and human and environment friendly, chemical-free finishes made from hand-mixed batches of natural waxes and plant oils!

…And these changes were all in preparation for our biggest adventure of all; as you can see, Howard Brush is now going direct!  By calling 207-351-8011 or visiting www.howardbrush.com, you can get all of your fiber art tools and trinkets, parts and pieces direct from the source! Lowest prices around? You bet! Custom orders? Yeah, we do that! Questions and advice? We have you covered. We’re here and happy to help!

Thank you for visiting us and thank you for your continued business.



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