Blending Brush


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A must have companion tool, our blending/burnishing brush, offered in both “standard” and “fine,” features a curved face, ergonomically shaped handle, and hand-rubbed finish, like our flicker/cleaner brush. Used to delicately blend and pack fibers with great detail, these brushes are an excellent tool not just for use on a drum carder, but also for blending fibers on hand cards and certainly with use on your blending board

The makeup of the wire gauge, density, length and orientation are all specific variables contributing to their superior performance. The tines going in the opposite direction than a hand carder give it a smoother action and reduce the likelihood of damaging the fibers being blended or damaging the cloth on the drum carder or blending board. Plus they work great for compacting fibers on a hand card for tightly rolled rolags and puni’s.

Also great to help aid in removing your batt!

There are no similar brushes that have the same versatility, results, or ergonomics as these blending/burnishing brushes

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